Ethanol Facts

Ethanol Boosts Engine Performance!

The increase in ethanol use over the past 30 years has created a great deal of interest in ethanol's fuel properties and how it impacts engine performance.

The higher the octane, the greater the torque, power and efficiency. With a 113 octane rating , ethanol is the highest-rated performance fuel in the market and keeps today's engines running smoothly. 

Fun Fact:

Ethanol is utilized by professional racers, NASCAR, lndyCar Series and American Le Mans. Several teams in high-profile national and international racing competitions use ethanol blends like E 1 5, E85, and even E98 because of its high octane and exceptional performance.
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Approved by engine Manufacturers!

  • What about boat engines?

    All major marine engine manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, and Mercury Marine, approve the use of E 10 in their products. E 10 is, in fact, the fuel preferred by the National Boat Racing Association.

  • What about classic cars?

    Classic cars represent just a fraction of vehicles on the road today. 1,500 hours of durability testing show that with proper maintenance, E 10 can be used in classic autos.

  • What about small engines like lawnmowers and weed eaters?

    All major manufacturers of small engines and outdoor power equipment approve the use of E 10.

  • What about motorcycle engines?

    E10 is approved by all major motorcycle engine manufacturers. For decades, E 10 has been used by motorcyclists as a safe and cost saving alternative to pure gasoline.

  • What about higher-level blends?

    Higher-level blends like E20-E40 and E85 are approved for use in flex-fuel vehicle engines.

  • What about E 15?

    More than three-fourths of new vehicles are manufacturer-approved to use E15. EPA allows the use of E 1 5 in vehicles built since 2001.

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